JH Engström: The Workshops 
A series of short term photography workshops based just outside of Paris in Montrueil, France aimed to be completely individualized. Participants in the groups should arrive with personal goals for the workshop, and Engström will guide the work towards each individual. These goals can include: editing and sequencing,  layout and book concepts, long term project guidance, methodology, material  experimentation, shooting sessions, learning about references and the history of  photography, and more — no matter where you stand in your artistic journey.

The first workshop will take place from November 11-15, 2024


For the past twenty-five years JH Engström holds workshops regularly
all over Europe and has lectured at the International Center of Photography
in New York. He considers the workshop a critical part of his development
as a photographer and artist and in that spirit he launched Atelier Smedsby 2012,
together with photographer Margot Wallard. Atelier Smedsby is a one year-long
web-based workshop with three “live” meetings in Montreuil, Paris.